GCM Endurance is owned and operated by head Coach and Multiple Ironman Triathlon Finisher Greg C. Moriates.  Our Mission at GCM Endurance is to provide information about training, racing and nutrition, along with providing triathlon coaching, swim coaching, cycling coaching, camps, clinic, sports hypnosis, nutritional counseling, etc that are assesible for everyone from the newbie to the professional endurance athlete.

I assure you that you have come to the right place to achieve greatness!


At GCM ENDURANCE we pride ourselves on providing word class training programs for all levels of endurance athletes. We have experience coaching the person looking to finish there fist triathlon, the individual try to learn how to swim to the elite athlete looking for the podium.  We develop individual programs that fits the individual.  Not a one size fits most training program.

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Are you sick and tired of getting dropped during your local group ride, not being able to move through the peloton to sprint for the line, or you can not generate the power to bring you to the line first during your Time Trial or Triathlon. Well, I am here to solve your problem!

The power is in your legs, lungs and head, it is my goal to tap that potential and turn it in to unparalleled performance.

Choose your weapon, place your order and CRUSH IT FOR LESS THAN $10!!!


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This Training Systems is designed to allow you to run your First 5K, Lose Weight, Get off the Couch, Get in a Routine and out of a FUNK.

You do not need a science degree, you just have to be able to read!

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