GCM Endurance Owner

Greg C. Moriates

Greg Moriates completed his first triathlon approximate 10 years ago to prove to himself that anything is possible.

“Arriving at the first sprint distance triathon race venue, I was scared and nervous.  I put my mountain bike on the bike rack, put on my board shorts and headed to the water.  Well, that day, I found out that I cannot swim in open water, I could ride fairly well and was a horrible runner (thought years of high school sports would make me a good runner, WRONG!). But I FINISHED my first triathlon.  That finish line of my first sprint distance triathlon was all I needed to catch the endurance sports bug.”


After competing in his first sprint distance triathlon, Greg Moriates started to look at bigger races and incorporated adventure races and climbing into his regimen. Then in 2003 he finished his first Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid, New York. It was then that Greg Moriates began to realize his true passion, multisports, triathlon, Ironman, cycling and fitness.

After a discussion with his wife at the dinner table with our second child on its way, we began to look in to forming not only the best multisport company but the best family friendly multisport club. That was the moment XTREME MULTISPORTS, INC. was born.

Xtreme Multisports, Inc. was the gate way to the formation of GCM Endurance, Inc. when he realized that there were many good triathlon training programs and books on the market but nothing that was a comprehensive, affordable training system.

“With two kids, I realize the value in teaching morals, discipline, and a no quit attitude. It is a trying time economically and I wanted to provide athletes the chance to train like a pro for an affordable price.”

Education and Experience:

  • BS in Biology and Environmental Studies
  • MS in Biology and Environmental Science
  • NESTA ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
  • USA Cycling level 3 Coach
  • NESTA Fitness and Nutrition Coach
  • NESTA Sports Hypnosis Certified
  • Multiple Ironman Finishers
  • 10+ Years of Racing and Training
  • 5+ Years Coaching Newbies to Elite
  • Owner of Xtreme Multisports
  • Owner of GCM Endurance
  • Founder of M2M Training Systems
  • Loves to Train, Race and Coach.
  • Sponsored by Rudy Project, Skins USA, SportMulti, Push Endurance, VCRC Bikes, Synergy Sports, Gray Wheels, Cylcops, Athletes Honey Milk, Honey Stinger,FFWD Wheels, Xterra Wetsuits and Tri-Life Gear.

 ”Take the time to look through my website, sign up for our newsletter that contains massive amounts of information on triathlons Ironman, Cycling, training programs, and purchase my products.”

“I stand behind everyone of my products and services.  They have been tried by me and developed by me through years of research and development. I have put in the win and losses in triathlons, triathlon training programs and cycling. Through my own personal failures, learned and developed these training programs.

In addition, it is my belief that everyone and anyone should have access to great training systems and great coaches no matter what price they pay.  That is why, with any purchase, you have full access to ask me any questions that you have via email.”

“I am proud and excited that you have chosen me for your journy in fitness, PR’s, and greatness!”