One Minute Interval

The One Minute Interval

I was reading through an article posted in the New York Times on Frebruary 23, 2012.  The article was titled “How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health” by Gretchen Reynolds.

This article was a great read and you should take the time out of your training to read it.  The link is attached above in the title above.

The long and short of this article states that you can improve your health by performing High Intensity (HIT) intervals.  So basically, you get the best bang for your training time by performing high intensity intervals during a short period of time.

But can it be used for SPORTS PERFORMANCE?


Mastering The Swim Start

Mastering the Swim Start at Your Next Triathlon

The swim can be the most intimidating leg of a triathlon.  You no longer have a line on the bottom to follow, you have hundreds, maybe thousands of athletes swimming next to you, kicking you, hitting you, punching you, grabbing you.  Water conditions are usually less than ideal.

If you look at some of the fears that are mentioned above, you can clearly see that the swim leg of a triathlon or even an open water event maybe intimidating, but is the time to gain time on your competitors.

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Powerful Beyond All Measure

Powerful Beyond All Measure

This video was posted all over as it originated on  I wanted to share it with everyone as I feel that the words are truly “Beyond All Measure”.  Greg Moriates shares this video with his endurance clients all the time for inspiration. Enjoy!


The Importance of Performance Testing and Triathlon Training

From the moment you are born, you are tested by the doctor or nurse to make sure all functions are a go. Then your doctor has you perform milestone testing during each developmental period.  School begins and your teacher tests your performance in subject matters and doctors test your biological functions.

Testing, testing and more testing.  That is what life is about. So if you are serious about fitness, training, endurance sports, etc., you need to track progress, ability and set training zones through proper testing.

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