Calorie Counting

Is Calorie Counting something that you should be concerned with?



Well I have to say, a calorie is a calorie.  If you are looking to gain weight you need to take in more calories then you burn, if you want to loose weight you need to take in less calories that you burn putting your body in a caloric deficit.

I found this great FREE calorie calculator.  Take a look.  It is helping me get down to race weight.

Just click the pic below and get on your way to your weight goal.


Perfect Multi-Vitamin Super Greens – Free Bottle

I have been taking Super Greens on and off.  Sometimes in powder form added to my smoothies and sometimes in a pill.  I do like the overall balance I feel.

However, I do not like the price out of my pocket.  Its seems crazy sometimes that we need to pay for performing at a higher level and have to pay a lot of money for some supplements that may or may not work.

 Sometimes you pay $50 or more for maybe a months worth of supplements and you see or feel nothing.  Nothing at all.

 Well I found this link for a FREE Bottle of Perfect Multi-Vitamin Super Greens.  Worth a shot for a free bottle.

Check it out by hitting the pic below.


SRAM Recall

SRAM indicated that you should stop IMMEDIATELY using their RED hydraulic braking system.

Hit the link


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