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I read a lot about nutrition, performance, training and technology. It keeps me up on the real and unreal. It also help me form my own opinion and decide on what to bring to my athletes.

One thing I never understood is the flip flop approach in nutrition. One day coffee is evil, the next it is a miracle. Eat low fat, high fat, low protein, lots of protein, low carbs, bad carbs, good carbs.

It will make your head spin!

One thing I do know being a coach and athlete is the nutrition plays an integral part in performance and recover.

When you look at the basics you have you proteins, carbs, and fats. Our bodies are designed to process these basic nutritional building blocks into energy. Thats it. We are designed to eat for energy. Vitamins aside, this energy helps us repair, recover and train.

I recently found this article about 5 Superfoods.

This is bringing it back to the basics.

You have your eggs which was once evil, turmeric which seemed to disappear, chocolate which was once evil because of sugar, butter which was pure evil and peppermint. Well never really read anything bad about peppermint.

Enjoy the read and make an omelet with eggs in butter, throw in some veg, sprinkle some turmeric. Have a glass of water with a peppermint leave. Oh and make sure you throw in some dark chocolate.

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