Coming Back After an Injury

We have all been there. You feel that sharp pain, that twinge, the pain that makes you stop. Sidelined due to an injury.

Now it’s time to keep the chin up high and keep moving forward to the path of recovery and full on training.

Here are some tips to get you moving faster and off the sidelines quicker.

1) The normal RICE routine followed by a Doctor appointment to make sure that there is no permanent damage.

2) Determine the reason for the injury (i.e. muscle imbalance, over use, to intense to soon, etc.).

3) Focus on core strength and keeping your muscles lengthens through rolling, TP Therapy and massages.

4) Once ready to start back up, you need to start a slow progression.  If you feel any pain, you back off rest.

Hopefully you have a year of no major injuries and you PR your next race.

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