Do you Know How to Race Your First Triathlon?

Do you Know How to Race Your First Triathlon?


I never did.  To be honest, I though it would be simple.  Everyone knows how to swim, bike and run.  The joke was on me.  That day I learned:


  1. I can’t swim in open water;
  2. I was an OK at best bike rider (not a cyclist);
  3. High school sports did not prepare me for running;
  4. Its embarrassing getting passed by someone at least twice your age.


However, this was a day that changed my life. I became a triathlete and wanted nothing more that to go longer and faster.


This book “How to Race Your First Triathlon” was written to provide the new or newer triathlete real knowledge about racing your first triathlon.


Pick up a copy today on Amazon.


Don’t make the mistakes that I made.  Get to your first starting line with more knowledge than any beginner ever had.



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