Ironman Swim Start Pilot

Ironman Swim Start Pilot


Now that the 2013 triathlon season is coming to an end, the Ironman Swim Start Pilot has had a year to give it the old college try, WHAT DO YOUR THINK?

I will be honest, when I first heard about the Ironman Swim Start Pilot, I was kind of taken back.  It seemed to me that WTC was creating a race environment that would loose the essence of the mass swim start.

If you ever had the honor of being in an Ironman Mass Swim Start, it is epic, scary, crazy, awesome, etc, etc, etc.  But it has been essential and honestly, something I looked forward to.

On the flip side, I coached a bunch of first time Ironman triathletes.  Half of them were in a mass start situation and the other half were involved in the Ironman Swim Start Pilot race.  From the feedback I received, it seemed to give the first timers a little less anxiety and a little more confidence without to many fists to the back of the head.

I have been racing for years and I have to say, I have been in some brutal swim starts.  But it was all part of the race.

I am torn. I like the changes because of the safety aspect and lets be real, we are racing for our own personal reasons, not to be taken out by a right hook. But than again, there is something about lining up with 2,000+ athletes waiting for the cannon to go off.

What is your take?  Share and comment.

Here is what triathlete magazine says:


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