Lance Armstrong Controversy


Well I have to say, I am not supprised by I am annoyed.  On June 13, 2012, facebook and media channels were lighting up with headlines of Lance Armstrong caught in another investigation on prior doping and will not only face the possibility of loosing his hard earned Tour de France wins, he is also suspended in participating in endurance sports such as Triathlons.

Triathlons are the route of Lance Armstrong’s career.  He started out beating the greats as a child before he became a cyclist.  We all know that he is an amazing athlete.  So after his retirement, he decided to give it a whirl in triathlons once again.  Not only was his past races amazing, he was in the top 10 at every race and had some victories.  His comeback had been amazing for Triathlons and its growth as there is an increase in fans and media.

Charges and cases had been dismissed on his doping allegations and now we wake up to articles like this:

With a classy Lance Armstrong like response that goes like this:

So where to we go from here?

I personally think that this is just ridiculous at this point.  It is a witch hunt because they can not prove anything.  What makes me angry is that these people are not looking at the big picture. Taking him away from Triathlons which is his main avenue for athletics at this point, will not only hurt triathlon growth it will also hurt the growth of LIVESTRONG which as done amazing things for cancer and cancer research.

I know only time will tell and when you are in the spotlight as much as Lance Armstrong, these things happen.  But come on, let him race in triathlons!  There is a thing as innocent until proven guilty. RIGHT?

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