NYC Marathon?!?

I am writing this on my I-phone, in the dark with no power or heat. My refrigerator is empty because everything spoiled.

The other day we were hit indirectly by hurricane sandy. I have been out of heat and electric for 4 days now. Friends had lost houses, flooded, burnt down.

There is limited food and gas lines that you wait hours for to find that there is no gas.

Then we have NYC Marathon this weekend. The major of NYC said the race must go on!

I think that is the wrong decision.

Athletes will be running past devastation and people trying to save their lives. Police will be used to direct marathon traffic that should be used to protect people from looting. Volunteers at aid stations should be volunteering to give water and food to victims of hurricane sandy.

I am a triathlete and endurance coach. I know what it takes to train for an endurance event. I know the time, resources and effort it takes. I know what it feels like to have a race cancelled.

Wake up people. Time to cancel the race and concentrate on those affected by hurricane Sandy.

We need the endurance community to come together and help rebuild and repair. Not race.

What are your thoughts?

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