Smarter Exercise, Smarter Rewards: How To Bet Right With Your Health

Smarter Exercise, Smarter Rewards: How To Bet Right With Your Health

Even for people who train on a daily basis, one of the hardest mistakes to correct is the tendency to create a “reward” that is not only disproportionate to the workout, but using food as the only reward for a job well done. It’s understandable that the human body demands for food after a grueling run or swim, but a smart athlete knows how to set their limits and only give what is appropriate so their efforts aren’t wasted.

This isn’t to say that people should never deviate from their diet – we’re only human and there’s always a little room to negotiate, even when training for the Ironman. It’s only when negotiating becomes cheating does this become harmful.

This mentality also applies outside of the gym. Many people who have a penchant for hitting the casino often put an unrealistic amount of money on the line, justifying this by saying it’s an acceptable reward for everything they’ve done. It’s all a matter of taking things into perspective and for some gamers, switching to an online casino can help curb the need for a big splurge by offering alternative means to enjoy a reward. Because online casinos put an immediate dollar amount to represent all expenses instead of relying on “worthless” chips, players have a constant reminder of just how much they’ve spent, making it easier to police their spending.

This exact disproportionate attitude can spill over into other things like working out and it’s important to nip this in the bud before it’s too late. After all, if Elvis cut back on the peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches in between performances, maybe the Elvis games incorporated into the brand new design of a game, would have feature the king of rock and roll more in his prime instead of him in his physical decline.

Here are some ways to enjoy rewards, without going overboard.

Don’t use food – After a workout, learn to stick to the diet you’ve agreed to follow by using another item instead of food. This can include a variety of things such as treating yourself to an hour catching up with that new movie you’ve been putting off on Netflix, or something similar. By associating something that people enjoy as a reward for putting in the hours of exercise, it will help create a mentality of working out because they love it.

Friendly Competition – For many people, training for the Ironman is more about a personal commitment than it is about anything else. For those who can stay on track, it’s commendable and they deserve to be saluted. For those who cheat on this commitment, sometimes a little competition’s what’s needed. Mobile apps like Fitocracy allow people to post their achievements for working out and compare directly with friends and other people who use the app. Sometimes, knowing that you’re now performing better than the guy ahead of you a week ago is a better reward than anything else.

Monetary Rewards – Similar to not using food as a reward, people can set aside a few dollars after every workout towards a big expense they’ve been planning for. It can be a new gadget, a much deserved trip, or even a gift to surprise a special someone. It’s all about putting things rewards into a whole new perspective.

This isn’t just advice to be used while training, it’s something to take into account for everyday activities. Hopefully, this’ll help people cut down on sneaking in that extra beer, burger, or other treat in exchange for something that keeps them on track with their goals.

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