Training Intensity


Training intensity is one of those old school/new school debates. There is the old school approach were you only do high intensity sessions during the build stage of training. Then there is new school were if you are not performing high intensity training sessions from day one to race day you will never PR!

Now there is my way on training intensity.

Training intensity in my book has all aspects. You have the low intensity recovery sessions, moderate intensity meat and potatoes training intensity and the race specific/weakness developing training intensity.

Each and every training intensity needs to be developed throughout the season in order to develop your body, mind and soul in to a endurance PR machine!

Throw away the pyramid approach of training based on volume and think of it as an intensity sand timer.

Start with the weakness intensity training than develop your moderate long distance training intensity with an icing on the cake race training intensity at the end of the rainbow.


With recovery consistent throughout the year!

Enjoy it!!GCM Endurance


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