When You Need to Step Back

We all are going to bump heads with illness while training. It is not an easy nut to swallow but it will happen.

You cross your fingers, eat your apple a day, take your vitamins, but chances are that you will get sick and will have to step your training back or take the dreaded rest week or two.

It happens and it happens to everyone. When training at high or higher levels than your body had adapted to puts you immune system in a compromised position.

So what to do if you get the dreaded sickness. Well first, go to the doctor and get set on the correct path to recovery. I am not a medical doctor so I will not make medical assumptions.

However, most importantly is to listen to your body. If your training session seems harder than normal, take a break. If you are not recovering well, take a break. If you are physically and emotionally drained, take a break.

Listen to your body and listen closely, that week or two in poor training sessions can put you out of the game for a long time. You are better off taking the small loss in fitness by cutting back or even taking off for a week or two.

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