This week, Seb and I sat down with a little Q&A instead of a podcast.  We had some great developments such as new sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, we ran our second threshold test on the bike and with GCM Endurance and Seb Navarro’s amazing athletic ability, he managed to increase his threshold wattage by 68 watts.  This is amazing!

Another great accomplishment is Seb’s Second Place Overall Finish and Seb beat the course record at a Aquathon consisting of a 500 meter swim and a 5K run.  The race was in memory of his mate that was killed in an auto/bike accident last year.

He is showing some amazing improvements and we are looking forward to putting him in some TT’s with his first 70.3 coming soon.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the interview Q&A with Seb Navarro through his monthly journey to become a Professional triathlete.


GCM Endurance:

What challengers have you gone through in February?

Seb Navarro:

Recently I suffered from almost total paralysis from my spinal injury!  This was caused during my second run of the day and luckily I was only 1km from home, this occasionally happens to me when the damaged discs in my spine collapse and press against my spinal cord.  The result is intense pain and my body seizing up fully, to reduce the chance of damage.  I managed to painfully walk back home and was virtually stationary for two days with a further 3 days with reduced mobility.

Finances are always a challenge – living a very meager existence whilst watching my bank balance reduce to single figures before my next pay-cheque from my small part-time job.

I have been lucky that a number of companies have offered to help me in my pursuit of becoming a better triathlete.  Recently agreeing sponsorship with BH UK ( to race their GC Aero TT bike – this has been an amazing opportunity and I am extremely greatful to BH UK for offering me this chance.  Thank you.

My latest sponsorship is with Garth from Vankru ( who is providing me state-of-the-art Retul bike fitting, to allow me to gain the best power, speed and comfort on the bike whilst also letting me run fresher afterwards.

Along with BH, have been Compex ( and 110% Play Harder (

GCM Endurance:

How is training going?

Seb Navarro:

Training is going well, except for my blip in last week where I could not move!  Im feeling stronger, faster and more efficient in all disciplines although swimming is always tough work – maybe that’s because the swim coach annihilates me each session!  I am feeling like I can do more and achieve more after each week and I am really looking forward to racing.

GCM Endurance:

How is your training progressing?

Seb Navarro:

Training is progressing nicely, we seem to have found the correct period of increasing hard work to rest periods now which is making me achieve more.  I am happy with my progress, although I would always like to be doing more or going faster but that takes time and it will come.

GCM Endurance:

How do you like your new BH?

Seb Navarro:

The BH GC Aero is an amazing machine. 

Spec: Kitted out with a full SRAM Red groupset & TT levers, FSA SL-K Light carbon cranks, Vision carbon aero bars and brake levers.  The brakes are special aero, precision CNC cut low profile which provide loads of stopping power and are actually sat in the normal place – making my life easier when it comes to checking and tweeking them.  Im sitting on the funky Prologo Nago Evo TTR saddle with its anti-slide grippers which should see me staying put and in the perfect position during my long rides and races.  Finally the bike will be slicing through the wind on a FFWD F6R front and either a F9R or Disc rear wheel.

The GC Aero has an extremely thin profile – honestly not much wider than a 23mm tyre!  The profile of all the tubes have been designed and optimized in the wind tunnel with AG2R La Mondial Pro Cycle Team for use during the Grand Tours and this has created some unique shapes.  Many of the tubes are knife-shaped to slice though the air while the rear are designed to control the air flow off each tube creating as little drag as possible.

The bike lives up to its name: BH Ultralight.

With bars, pedals, cages, F6R and disc wheel (running 11-25), the bike weights in at only 8.05kgs.

While the same bike with F6R and F9R rear wheel (running 11-28), the bike weight in at 7.95kgs.

GCM Endurance:

What are your goals for next month?

Seb Navarro:

My main goals would be to stay injury free.  I would also like to optimize my conditioning (aerobically) while increasing my speed and power ready for the race season to start.