The One Minute Interval – NY Times Article

by: Greg C. Moriates

I was looking through an article posted in the New York Times on Frebruary 23, 2012.  The article was titled “How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health” by Gretchen Reynolds.

This article was a great read and you should take the time out of your training to read it.  The link is attached above in the title above.

The long and short of this article states that you can improve your health by performing High Intensity (HIT) intervals.  So basically, you get the best bang for your training time by performing high intensity intervals during a short period of time.

I agree with this notion, as I have seen many athletes do quite well on interval training during times when athletes do not have that much available time. This is ideal for the vast majority of triathletes, especially those training for 70.3 and 140.6 distance athletes as they need to balance, swimming, cycling, running, gym time and recovery in to their already packed schedule of work, kids, family obligations, etc.

But as stated, the 1-minute interval is a way to improve health.  I am not sold on the fact that 1-minute intervals are for the athlete looking for race day performance.  The intervals need to be compared to the distance of the race, type of race, race course, and intensity of the course.  I am also a believer that you need to put in the long slow distance (LSD) training and low to moderate heart rates and power zones to improve your overall endurance at the race distance you are training for with the inclusion of intervals specific to your training program.

Please don’t read this the wrong way.  All my athletes perform intervals in every discipline every week. My athletes are also looking for race day performance, not necesarily health as they are already healthy individuals.

So to summarize, I like and believe the notion of the 1 minute interval will give you the best bang for your training time for health, but when it comes to race performance, you need a little more on the LSD and concentrated, specific intervals.

Have a great day and I wish everyone an epic year and hope your achieve greatness!